Authorities Declare Riot In Portland (Again)

The Nike Outlet store in Northeast Portland. Saturday morning scenes in Portland following rioting Friday night, when violence escalated after hours of largely peaceful demonstrations as hundreds of people gathered to protest the Minneapolis police killing of a black man. May 30, 2020 Beth Nakamura/Staff

As riots continue on in places like Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis, Portland protests have also started back up. 

Fox News wrote: 

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“Portland Police again declared a riot Friday night after protesters smashed windows of downtown businesses and lit fires during a demonstration.”

“The mayhem marked the third night in five days that police have declared a riot in the city in the wake of police shootings nationwide, including those claiming the lives of Adam Toledo, 13, in Chicago and Daunte Wright, 20, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.”

Portland has been possibly one of the most consistent cities in terms of protests all year. From last summer to last week, Portland’s unrest had few breaks. 

Only a few weeks ago, protestors lit the “ICE” building on fire. Not to mention the Portland courthouse was lit on fire several times. It was a hot spot all year for unrest. 

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Earlier this week, unruly citizens shit fireworks at the Portland Police Association building. They also created a fire behind the building. 

Local officials refuse to put an end to violent riots. They failed to last year, and they’re failing to once more. 

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