“White Lives Matter” Gather In Huntington Beach.

Protestors allegedly gathered for a “white lives matter” protest in Huntington Beach California. 

The crowd, in support of “white lives matter” was very small. However, over 200 counter protestors showed up before the demonstration was even scheduled to begin. 

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According to the LA times, flyers from the Klu Klux Klan were distributed around the city prior to the events happening. 

NBC 4 reported “The Huntington Beach Police Department declared an unlawful assembly in the area of Fifth Street and Walnut Avenue shortly before 3 p.m., “in order to disperse an unruly crowd,” police said”

At least three arrests occurred, one for amplified noise on the beach, another was arrested for obstructing the police and possessing a metal baton, two cans of pepper spray and a knife In his backpack according to a Huntington Beach police lieutenant. 

Many counter protestors shouted “go home Nazis” 

One protestor on they “WLM” side was surrounded and violently attacked by several counter demonstrators according to a Twitter video.

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Some Twitter users claim that the ‘Grand Dragon’ of the ‘California White Knights’ attended the rally in Huntington Beach. This remains unconfirmed.

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