Antifa Releases Address Of Portland Officer

Members of Antifa in Portland, Oregon, have released the home address of a local police officer and his family online.

A post from Rose City Counter-Info read “Overnight, anarchists visited PPB cop Andrew Hearst at his home in Vancouver Washington.”

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“A personal vehicle that belongs to Andrew Hearst was discretely sabotaged,” it said.

“If you thought we would forget Quanice Hayes and Merle Hatch, the victims of Andrew Hearst, you are wrong,” the post continued.

Antifa claimed that Hayes was “murdered” by Hearst “execution style.”

Hayes was “unarmed and was complying with the conflicting orders the pigs were giving him,” they said.

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Andy Ngo of the Post Millennial reported that Hearst was cleared by a grand jury for the killing of Hayes.

Hayes was shot by police after he took a person hostage with a “realistic-looking” replica pistol.

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“Despite the Portland Police being found justified in the killing of violent criminal Quanice Hayes, the city of Portland (@PortlandGov) paid out $2.1 million to his family last year,” Ngo said on Twitter.

The post from Antifa also listed Merle Hatch as one of Hearst’s “victims.”

“Merle Hatch was having a mental health crisis and was outside the hospital where he had been a patient,” it said.

“Andrew Hearst and other pigs unloaded 19 rounds on Merle Hatch. He was unarmed and holding a broken phone handle,” the post continued.

Hearst was cleared by a grand jury after Hatch was killed in 2013. He had charged at officers with what they say was a gun, but was later revealed to be a phone handle.

“To every other killer cop who sleeps peacefully: if you think we would forget the people you killed, or forget our anger over time, you will find out the hard way that we always remember,” the post said.

“Hiding in your white suburbia house is not going to make you safe. You will never be safe. See you soon,” it threatened.

At the end of the post, Hearst’s address, the name of his wife, and their two vehicles were listed.

“Rest in power Quanice Hayes. Rest in power Merle Hatch. You are not forgotten,” the post concluded.

According to Ngo, the Portland Police Bureau would not say if the threat had been referred to federal investigators.


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