WaPo Promotes Racist Columnist Karen Attiah

The Washington Post has found itself in yet another scandal. Another WaPo writer has wrapped themselves up in hateful tweets. 

Karen Attiah, the newest opinion columnist at the Washington Post tweeted out ‘lies and tears of white women’ had caused the murders of black people for decades’ she said that these women were lucky that ‘we are just calling them Karens and not calling for revenge’ one year ago.

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The same people who accuse former President Donald Trump of inciting violence before January 6th allow statements like these to fall on deaf ears. The Washington Post itself made these claims.

In spite of her comments, The Washington Post has named her ‘Race and Culture columnist, premoting her from her previous position.

After being accused of inciting violence the Tweet was ultimately deleted but decided to reaffirm the idea. ‘I’m just saying. Be happy we are calling for equality. And not actual revenge.’ 

After the Tweet, the writer claimed that she received threats from white men. One “threat” specifically claimed that attacks would ‘wake white men who will protect their women’. 

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She later claimed that she was not calling for this, which begs the question, if that were the case… why even say it?


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