Jen Psaki Blind Sided By CBS Reporter Asking Why The U.S. Does Not Go To War With Russia

Jen Psaki became confused as a CBS reporter asked her why America does not fight against Russia on the battlefield. 

CBS News Radio White House correspondent Steven Portnoy asked, “Why shouldn’t the images of the atrocities in Bucha compel a worldwide, unified coalition kinetic response?”

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“You mean military war, tell me more about what you mean,” Psaki responded. The reporter said that he was describing a “direct military response” with the U.S. at its helm. 

Psaki again tried to clarify by asking if he meant a collective military response from the U.S. and NATO. 

“Well, the president has described outrageous things. You’ve called them atrocities. You’ve said perhaps we should brace ourselves for worse. Why not?” Portnoy said, completely ignoring the implications of a world war in a time where all sides have nuclear capabilities. 

Psaki said that the administration will protect the interests of America, and right now that means avoiding war with Russia. 

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Tucker Carlson commented on the interaction, laughing that the same people too afraid to go in public without a mask, seem to want a devastating war. 

“Ever notice that it’s the very same people who are so personally afraid of a flu virus that they’re still wearing their little masks in public – Those same people are the same ones who are encouraging other people’s kids to go die on a battlefield.” He said. 

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