Joe Biden Is A Global Joke: Mexican President Mocks POTUS

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 12: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador pulls out his remarks while talking to journalists with U.S. President Joe Biden in the Oval Office at the White House on July 12, 2022 in Washington, DC. This is the first meeting between the two North American leaders since Obrador did not to attend the Summit of the Americas last month in Los Angeles because the White House refused to invite leaders from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. (Photo by Chris Kelponis-Pool/Getty Images)

The left will constantly insist that Joe Biden is more internationally respected than his predecessor Donald Trump. The Mexican President has made clear; Joe Biden is a global joke. 

According to Fox News, “Ooooh, I’m so scared…,” [Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lópe] Obrador sarcastically said when asked about possible U.S. enforcement measures for practices that allegedly favor Mexico’s national energy companies, CFE and Pemex, the WSJ reported. Obrador made the comments on the same day that United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced the United States has requested dispute settlement consultations with Mexico under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which could end up placing penalties on some Mexican exports if the two sides can not come to an agreement.

Behind Canada, surprisingly Mexico is America’s strongest trading partner. In recent years America and Mexico have increasingly been at odds as Obrador opposes Biden energy policies.

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United States officials have accused Mexico of violating the previous agreement with pricing, emissions, and other terms. 

Many Republicans would argue that world leaders would not have treated the United States in such a way with Donald Trump’s office. 

Trump was surely known for his strong trade policy and strategic foreign policy. The 45th President also made intelligent decisions when It came to energy. 

Under Donald Trump, America was the lead exporter of oil in the world and energy independent. 

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