New York Covid Positivity Plummets

New York’s covid positivity is now at the lowest it’s been since November. 

The New York Post reported: 

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“The statewide positivity rate when measured on a seven-day average was 2.27 percent Friday, the lowest since Nov. 9. The rate in New York City fell to 2.42 percent.

A total of 3,294 patients were hospitalized with COVID-19 Friday, the lowest count since Nov. 27. Hospitalizations fell by 540 during the last week, Cuomo said.”

Over 14 million doses of the COVID 19 vaccine have been administered within New York State. 

Hopefully now that the governor, Andrew Cuomo has acknowledged this, things can begin to get back to normal. 

Andrew Cuomo is unlikely to jump right away, but with this many residents being vaccinated, and the covid positivity rate so low there is no need for such restrictive policies. 


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