Man Threatens To Pepper Spray Maskless Costco Employees

A video of a masked man threatening to pepper spray Costco employees has gone viral on Twitter.

In the video, the masked man is holding up pepper spray towards unmasked employees demanding they stay away from him.

The man seemed worried enough about the unmasked, but decided to make physical contact by shoving the employee.

He can be heard telling the employee to “stay away” and says “you’re threatening my life”.

Another employee arrives to help the first one, who threatens to call the police on the masked man.

The second employee tells the man “I’m not getting near you” and asks “is that pepper spray?”

The man replies “yes” as he continues to tell the employees to “stay away,” adding “you’re unmasked”.

“Sir, I need you to put that away. We’re in a public place right now,” the employee says as the man continues to threaten him. “I’m going to stay away”.

“You cannot threaten people in here with pepper spray,” the employee continues and the masked man says “you’re not a cop, you’re not a lawyer”.

The video ends with the man mumbling and walking away from the scene. It’s unclear where the video came from or when it was taken.