Biden Embarrasses Himself in Front Of World Leaders AGAIN

Whether it’s at the G-7 summit, or the EU-US summit, Joe Biden has proven himself incapable of not being an embarrassment in front of the worlds leaders.

Tuesday during the EU-US Summit Joe Biden became confused and staggered his words as he struggled to find his place in his notes. Unable to remember what he needed to talk about he embarrasses himself in front of foreign heads of state again. 

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During the G-7 summit Biden became confused and repeatedly confused Syria and Libya using the country names interchangeably. 

He also proved how short his attention span truly is. Joe interrupted Boris Johnson, reintroducing South Africa’s president after Johnson had already done so. Johnson awkwardly let Biden know that he had already done so and world leaders laughed at our Presidents expense, and the expense of our nation. 

Biden repeatedly making a fool of himself and saying abhorrent things in front of his own countries people was not enough. Now he appears in cognitive decline in front of the world as well. 


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