MASSIVE UK Lockdown Protests Begin

As lockdowns in the United States end, and normalcy is restored the same cannot be said for the UK. 

Saturday thousands of unhappy citizens unhappy with COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions descended on the Houses of Parliament in London. These protestors threw tennis balls but were largely peaceful.

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These protestors gathered largely unmasked and without social distance against the recommendation of their nation. They sported anti lockdown and anti vaccine rally signs. 

Hundreds of tennis balls were thrown by the demonstrators, some having messages or phrases written on them. 

3 demonstrators were arrested for breach of the peace, and assault on a police officer. 3 officers left with minor injuries. 

The Guardian reported, “Iain McCausland, who travelled to London from Devon for the protest, said: “The main reason I’m here is because I feel this lockdown has come at the cost of our liberty and rights. Our freedom to assemble, our freedom to travel and work. I’m really quite angry with the government, so are everyone here.”

“Kayleigh Brooke vowed to continue protesting until the government’s sweeping emergency powers to handle the pandemic are removed. ‘We want the Coronavirus Act 2020 gone, and we will keep on protesting until that happens,’ she said.”

Some protestors even waived flags in support of Donald Trump running for President Of The United States in 2024. His support abroad is demonstrated more than 100 days after leaving office.

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Other protests regarding the issue have occurred, but have since then largely subsided. It’s unclear if the English government will allow its citizens to be free once more. 


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