DC Mayor Flies Altered American Flag With 51 Stars

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington DC has begun flying altered American flags over the nation’s capital. 

Tuesday, America’s 106th flag day Bowser announced that she would be flying a 51-star flag to remind the government that hundreds of thousands of tax-paying Americans live in Washington DC. 

“Today, ahead of Flag Day, I directed our team to hang 51-star flags along Pennsylvania Avenue as a reminder to Congress and the nation that the 700,000 tax-paying American citizens living in Washington, DC demand to be recognized,” she said. 

DC Statehood has long been a contested issue, but the reality is that Washington was never meant to be a place where people live. The district was intended to be a place for politicians to stay while they conducted government business. Those who live in DC, are free to move out of the city and into a different part of the tri-state area. 

The real motive behind the DC statehood movement has to do with electoral powers. Making DC it’s own state would allow Democrats to gain two additional seats in the Senate and more seats in the House. It would also grant the party more electoral voting power. 

“On Flag Day, we celebrate American ideals, American history, and American liberty. But the very foundation of those ideals, and the basis for our liberty, is representation. DC’s disenfranchisement is a stain on American democracy — a 220-year-old wrong that demands to be righted.” Bowser concluded.