‘Trump Won’ Announced Over LA Airport Loud Speaker

Earlier this week during a seemingly normal day at the Los Angeles Airport, a page came across the ports intercom.

“Trump won and you know it,” an unknown person announced over the loud speaker. The sentence was echoed once more. 

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After the announcement, the video speeds up, and fast forwards, as if it were a VCR tape. 

Then a man wearing a suit approaches the camera ripping his mask off and repeating: 

“I know it, you know it… everybody knows it. Trump won.” Before walking away. 

This shenanigan comes just after stories of the Maricopa county, Arizona 2020 election audit erupted. 

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The audit found that Biden actually had a few more votes than previously believed, however a slew of irregularities were discovered. 

Even more irregularities were discovered two months ago during another audit in Arizona’s Maricopa county. 

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As a result, more than 40 state legislators have called for a full 50 state audit of the 2020 election.

This would not only definitively prove who won the election, but also allow the government to discover weaknesses in the system. 

The audits may also uncover election workers across the country, who are not guilty of anything, but being lazy and not preforming their job as outlined. 


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