Everything You Need to Know: Obama’s SUPERSPREADER Birthday Bash

A sneaky DJ at Obama’s birthday party managed to snap a few photos of the packed event. The pictures were posted just before he was forced to delete them. 

The New York Post reported, Rapper Trap Beckham and manager TJ Chapman discreetly snapped pics of the event’s high-end food, drink and swag offerings and talked to their followers as the party unfolded, according to screenshots of the posts, which were later deleted under the event’s photography ban.

The recording artist and his handler posted themselves smoking cannabis — which is legal in Massachusetts.

Marijuana was being smoked at the birthday party of the former President. The substance is still federally illegal, despite state laws. 

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The rapper snapped photos of everything from food available on the menu, to Obama himself  dancing on stage. 

Beckham claimed, “Nobody ever seen Obama like this before.” explaining that the former President had been wild, and danced all night. 

He reportedly also said that he “Had to delete everything due to the rules.” And went on to say that if any videos surfaced they would go viral.

CNN aired an interview that claimed that all safety precautions were followed, and attendants were vaccinated. Though, this is not true. The CDC is currently advising that masks be worn indoors even for those who are vaccinated.

This story will be updated as more information regarding the party is released.


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