Joe Rogan Walks Off Stage To One Of Neil Young’s Most Popular Tracks

After Neil Young threatened to pull his music from Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan, the platform promptly removed all of his songs. 

Young alleges that Spotify is a “home of life threatening COVID lies”. The allegations come after Joe Rogan platformed Robert Malone, a vaccine critical doctor who is the self proclaimed creator of MRNA vaccine technology. 

Oddly enough, Rogan would likely also platform anyone who takes a stance that opposes Malone’s beliefs but it doesn’t appear that any health officials are ready to have a discussion on the Joe Rogan Experience. 

Rogan appeared to take a shot at Young at the end of one of his recent shows. The comedian walked off stage to one of Neil Young’s most famous tracks “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

After the initial incident, the Babylon Bee published a headline alleging that Google searches for “who is Neil Young” had skyrocketed. Ironically, after further inspection, the satirical news site appears to be telling the complete truth. 

Google trends currently shows searches for “who is Neil Young” peaking to a point higher than ever before and still rising. 

This is likely because Young was more popular with the older generation. His music seems to have largely faded out with today’s youth unlike timeless 80s artists like Bon Jovi and AC/DC.