Biden Considers Sending 5,000 Troops To Europe Due to Russian Aggression

According to Fox, President Joe Biden is considering sending somewhere between 3 and 5 thousand troops to “bolster NATO allies that border Russia and Ukraine”.

Biden in the past said that he would not deploy troops to bolster Ukrainian defense, but would however impose harsh sanctions if Russia were to invade. The Kremlin in response said that sanctions would be “a colossal mistake that would entail grave consequences.”

Advisors are currently providing Biden with options to respond as Russia becomes more and more hostile. The President was briefed at Camp David on Sunday. 

If deployed, troops would be sent to allied nations such as Romania and to Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia as part of a larger NATO operation. 

On top of the potential 5,000 troops, Biden is also considering the use of naval ships to assist the defense of NATO allies. 

It’s likely that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be dissatisfied if American troops are deployed to Europe in response to the impending conflict in Ukraine. 

U.K. officials claim to have intelligence that indicates Russia will attempt to install a pro-Putin leader in their neighboring country as they weigh whether or not an invasion is the right move. 

“We have information that indicates the Russian Government is looking to install a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv as it considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine,” said a spokesperson for the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office.  

In response to the revelation, Biden met with his security team. Officials described the idea as “deeply concerning”.