Pelosi DEFIES Her own Mask Rules by Removing Mask on Capital Grounds

Earlier this week Nancy Pelosi reinstated a mask mandate for the House side of the Capitol complex. 

The Capitol Police were given an order to arrest any staff or visitors to the house side that do not mask up. 

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Congressmen Madison Cawthorn gave a powerful speech in regards to Nancy Pelosi’s power grab on the house floor.

Pelosi has already been caught removing her mask while on Capitol grounds, though technically outside of the house chamber where she imposes a fine. 

Fox reported, Pelosi ditched her mask briefly while taking a photo with the newly minted Rep. Jake Ellzey, R-Texas, the day after Capitol Police were directed to arrest staffers and visitors who refused to wear masks on the House side of the Capitol.

Although the mask-dropping was only for a few seconds – and outside of the bounds of the House chambers, where Pelosi has imposed her own fine for going maskless – the Friday video went viral online.

The Capitol Police are recommended to report actual members of congress who abandon their mask rather than arrest them. 

This is extremely troubling for many reasons. Pelosi imposes a mask mandate, allegedly for concern of safety. 

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If safety were a concern she would not remove her mask for pictures or speaking regardless of what side of the building she is in. This clearly illustrates that her mask mandate exists to push an agenda only. 


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