DC Mayor Has MASKLESS Birthday Party Just Before New Mask Mandate

The Mayor of Washington DC Muriel Bowser was caught celebrating her birthday maskless, only hours before instituting a new indoor mask mandate in the city. 

The New York Post reported, Photos of Bowser celebrating her birthday without wearing a face mask on Friday night, hours before a new indoor mask mandate for the city kicked in, caused a kerfluffle as the spread on social media Saturday.

One snap, initially posted on Instagram with the caption “When your [sic] asked to Dj for the Mayor!!! Happy Birthday @mayor_bowser,” showed a crowd having a party for the mayor, who will turn 49 on Monday. While it appeared the party took place in an outdoor, rooftop venue, social distancing was clearly not the order of the day as the crowd packed around Bowser and comedian Dave Chappelle.

If Bowser’s rationale for making mask wearing required under law is to ensure safety, she would not herself, oh so carelessly celebrate at a crowded venue with no social distancing or masks. 

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She has broken her own logic just as other politicians like Nancy Pelosi have.

Pelosi requires masks to be worn in the House side of the Capitol complex but removed her mask for a photo op just after putting the mandate in place. 


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If these elected officials truly cared about safety they would hold themselves to the same standard that they hold their constituents, but they don’t. 

Regardless of the leader or the city, during the COVID-19 pandemic the doctrine of the Democrat party has remained the same – Laws for thee but not for me – do as I say, not as I do. 


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