Trump Rally Pulls in BIGGER Crowd’s Than Biden

For the first time since leaving office, Donald Trump has reignited his rallying schedule. Saturday night in Wellington, Ohio was alight with tens of thousands in attendance. It was big, in other words – “yuge” as some might say.

Trump wasted no time tearing into the Biden administration, and he had no shortage of topics to bring up. From the inundation of the US/Mexico border, the emboldening of China, Russia, and Iran, sky-high crime rates in major metros, as well as the eroding value of the dollar. The crowd cheering and jeering throughout the event – and with no masks insight.

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Trump also took the time to do a little pit-stop campaigning for several congressional candidates, as well as drag some that were, by Trump’s estimation, failing to perform. The importance of the 2022 midterm elections already at a fever pitch more than a year out. More so than the midterm enthusiasm was the apparent confirmation that Trump, in fact, has every intent to run-stopping just short of speaking the exact words.

Criticism of Biden’s foreign policies and relationships was particularly harsh. The contrast between the Biden Administration’s scrapping of the Keystone Pipeline and subsequent allowance of Russia’s Nordstream II pipeline into Europe highlighted for all to see. The prevailing theme of the night was, essentially an apples-to-oranges comparison of his and Biden’s handling of all issues the world over; and, fortune willing, the changes yet to come in 2024.

This rally will be the first of three leading up to a visit with Texas Governor Greg Abbot, and then to the border. Vice president Harris has been blasted for finally penciling in a trip to the border after Trump announced his tour. Her El Paso trip, it’s worth pointing out, was as close to the border as Harris was willing to go.


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