Gun-Control Activists, Antifa Protest Outside NRA Convention

As the National Rifle Association Convention returned this week, anti-gun activists and other protesters swarmed the location in Houston, Texas.

Hundreds of protesters were seen yelling at police officers, carrying signs and chanting.

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Drew Hernandez of Frontlines and Turning Point USA shared various videos of the scene from Houston’s George R. Brown convention hall.

“Piece of sh*t, piece of sh*t, piece of sh*t,” yelled one protester. Another shouted “F*ck your guns, f*ck your guns, murderers! Blood on your hands!”

in one video, a female activist in a “Beto for Senate” t-shirt yelled “You’re a black cop protecting him? Him!” “F*cking disgusting! You f*cking pig!” she added.

One Antifa member was asked if the USA should just ban all guns. “Yeah, honestly yeah,” they responded.

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Another protester could be seen standing on the corner shouting “Where is your god now?”

Beto O’Rourke, who addressed the crowd at the anti-NRA protest, was heavily criticized for his “disrespectful” interruption of a Wednesday press conference held by Governor Greg Abbott and others discussing the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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Abbot was set to appear in-person at the convention this weekend, but cancelled to visit Uvalde.

Democrats have used the Texas school and Buffalo grocery store shootings as opportunities to push gun control laws, while Republicans are advocating for school safety measures.


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