Summer Camp To Be Held By Portland Antifa

A social justice summer camp for kids ages 10 to 14 will be held in Portland this summer by an Antifa group.

A group called Budding Roses will host the two-week camp beginning July 25 and a GoFundMe page for the event says their “activities talk about racism, gentrification, student activism, gender, climate change, and mental health – issues that Portland youth are already engaging with”.

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According to their website, the City of Portland awarded Budding Roses with a Spirit of Portland Award and selected the left-wing group as Nonprofit Initiative of the Year in 2018.

“We believe that empowering youth to become critically engaged with social justice issues lays the groundwork for transformational social change tomorrow and today,” Budding Roses says on its website.

Some curriculum for the kids will come from a book titled “Tear Gas for Portlanders,” which focuses on the importance of “mutual aid” and teaches them how to donate to bail funds if their comrades are arrested.

“They will also be taught how to proceed if police deploy crowd control munitions, such as tear gas,” reported the Post Millennial.

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The campers will be shown a video called “Understanding White Supremacy (And How to Defeat It),” which shows “colonizers” shooting cannonballs from a ship at BIPOC kids on a beach, according to Libs of TikTok.

Budding Roses also wants to teach the children anti-police and government chants that they can use during demonstrations, reported the Millennial.

The chants include lines such as “Put those killer cops in Jail,” “It’s the state that’s our oppressor, It’s the rapist government,” and “We know the rapist is you”.

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Another part of the curriculum includes material called “Why Writing People in Prisons and Jails Matters,” where campers will learn the importance of writing letters to those in prison.

Budding Roses said the camp is “a democratic educational space, where campers identify topics they are interested in learning about, set community ground rules, use restorative justice to resolve conflicts, and lead their own workshops to teach their peers”.


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