18 Shot in NYC over the weekend

Some might say that New York City is in a state of free-fall. Others argue that free-fall isn’t as fast as the decline being observed.

In the city’s ongoing race to the bottom, the weekend was one sprinkled in death, as has become the norm. 18 people have been reported wounded by gunfire in various instances, including 12 shots on Friday in 12 cases and another 5 shots in four separate cases Saturday. Shootings in NYC have ballooned to ludicrous levels for the year – roughly a third more reported gun crimes have been reported in the city than there were this time last year.

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Of those shot over the weekend, 2 have died. Both fatal incidents occurred hours apart from one another. The South Bronx lost a 30-year-old man, who was pronounced dead at Lincoln Hospital from a gunshot wound to the back. The victim’s name has yet to be made public.

Later that day, 41-year-old Vaughn Flanders was shot dead in front of St. Anthony of Padua Church. This incident also left a 28-year-old woman wounded. Services were not held at the time of the shooting, and church officials have not commented on the incident.

The sheer volume of these incidents is peculiar, considering New York’s draconian and highly restrictive gun-control laws. Stranger still is the absence of any kind of concern being voiced from Black Lives Matter, the supposed civil rights movement that is really little more than a racist t-shirt company with a disproportionate (albeit tanking) level of political sway. Their overarching message seeming to be that this kind of violence is just fine, so long as it wasn’t officer-involved. A clever way to increase crime by incentivizing cops not to show up until it’s too late.

Worse yet is the city’s latest policy of vaccine passports: Travel and access to various locations state-wide being dependent on carrying proof of vaccination against a virus that is endemic. I wonder if the gunmen still at large in the city had one? Wouldn’t want to endanger anyone, right?


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