Shooting At Fed Ex Facility Leaves 8 Dead.

Another unfortunate mass shouting has occurred, this time in Indianapolis at a Fed Ex facility leaving 8 dead. The shooter is confirmed to be a former employee of the facility.  

The shooters name is Brandon Hole. He was 19 years old and did not survive the event. By the time the shooting ended, he had taken his own life. 

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The coroners office at this time is working to identify victims and notify the families of the deceased. 

It is alleged that workers could not call for help due to the fact that policy requires phones to be taken away at the beginning of the shift. If any landlines were present they would be no use. The best bet would be to run and hide with a cellphone in order to call 911.

FOX 59 reported: 

“Investigators believe Hole got out of his car after arriving and randomly started firing in the parking lot before going inside. There reportedly was no confrontation that preceded the shooting.

Four people were shot outside the facility and another four were shot inside. IMPD said Friday afternoon that four other people went to the hospital with injuries consistent with gunshot wounds. Three people went to the hospital with minor injuries.”

It’s unclear why these shootings have been occurring so often in the United States as if late. 

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At this time it is also unclear what type of weapon was used in the mass murder. 


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