Jill Biden Lends Support To School Run By Anti-Ice Democrat Donor

The Biden family sees themselves and their values as above the law. 

First Lady Jill Biden, wife to the President recently promoted El Centro Academy. The private school is run by a donor to the Democrat party who has posted tips for illegal immigrants to avoid arrest. 

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“Strength. Community. Passion. Those were the words I wrote down during an inspiring charla today with @SBAIsabel, @RepDavids, and members of the Latino community in Kansas City, KS. Thank you El Centro Academy for Children for all you do and for being our gracious hosts today,” Jill said in a recent tweet. 

Fox News reported, El Centro’s nonprofit arm has published a series of videos on how illegal immigrants can avoid arrests, with tips such as ignoring ICE agents during any interactions

Fox also noted that El Centro has also received funding from an immigration activist group called UnidosUS who supports CRT in K-12 classrooms. 

Jill Biden lends her support to El Centro amid the mounting border crisis. Since March no less than 160,000 illegals have been released back into the United States with minimal supervision. 

The crisis has ravaged border towns, and moves its way further into the heart of the country as aliens are released further from the border. 

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