Video: Trump Responds to Indictment

In this video Trump Responds to the Indictment


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Transcription of Trump’s Video:

We are now officially a third world country.

No president in the history of our country has been subjected to such vicious and disgusting attacks, but they only attack me because I fight for you.

It’s very simple. They can’t buy me and they can’t control me. And that scares them beyond belief.

Since the very beginning, I’ve shunned the globalist special interest owners who have made a fortune off of destroying our country.

Instead, our presidential campaign has always been funded by grassroots patriots like you, your contribution today will show the left that nothing can destroy the greatest political movement in history.

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This is the greatest movement in political history. There’s never been anything like it, even the fake news media when they hear me say that they can’t challenge it because it’s true.

And you think about what we did in 2016 and then we did even better by many millions and millions of votes in 2020. But the election was rigged and stolen.

But now we’re going to take back our country in 2024. If you’re doing poorly because of Biden’s disastrous policies, don’t even think about making a contribution to our campaign, you and your family always come first.

Our movement is about making your life better and putting you first. So I don’t want you to incur any financial cost that you can’t afford.

But if you’re doing well, because all of the things that I’ve done have brought you wealth and prosperity, or at least you’re extremely comfortable.

It would be really great if you could contribute to our campaign, you know how to do it because they’re going to have billions of dollars fighting to make this a communist country and that’s what they’re doing.

They skipped socialism. The train didn’t stop at that station in just a couple of years, our country is going to be richer, stronger and greater than ever before.

But that’s only if we win in 2024. Otherwise our country will continue to fail. Our country will be a disaster together.

We will make America great again.



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