Footage Shows Officers Waiting In Hallway During Uvalde Shooting

New footage shows police officers waiting in the hallway after responding to the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting.

In the video, first obtained by the Austin American-Statesman, 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos is seen entering Robb Elementary School and walking down the hall to a classroom.

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Minutes later, officers rushed into the school but stopped and lingered in the hallway.

The footage from security cameras also shows some officers running down the hallway when Ramos fires in their direction.

Police waited for 77 minutes before confronting Ramos, despite being armed with body armor, helmets and shields.

The video confirms reports that local and state authorities failed to take immediate action to stop the shooting.

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The security camera and body camera footage show the officers walking around in the hallway, leaving, coming back, talking to each other and making calls during the chaos.

One of the cops was seen using the hand sanitizer dispenser more than 45 minutes into the response. He was also captured leaning against the wall while looking on his phone.

“Would love to hear from this Uvalde cop why he was worried about putting on hand sanitizer while a shooter was massacring kids twenty feet down the hall,” tweeted the Daily Wire’s Cabot Phillips.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had advocated for the video’s release, saying he was initially “misled” about what happened the day of the shooting.

“I am livid about what happened. I was on this very stage two days ago and I was telling the public information that had been told to me in a room a few yards behind where we’re located right now,” he said at a press conference.

The video was scheduled to be released on Sunday, as officials wanted to give families the opportunity to view it privately before its release.

The Statesman had released an edited version of the video, showing key moments of the day’s events. It also noted it edited out “the sound of children screaming”.


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