Rittenhouse Prosecutors Allegedly Sabotaged Defense Evidence

New information has surfaced pointing to the idea that the prosecution intentionally sabotaged defense evidence in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. 

All evidence that the prosecution intends to use in court to make their case, must be sent to the defense for review. All evidence was exchanged using Dropbox aside from one video. 

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The only video that was not sent by the prosecution using Dropbox was the drone video used to argue that Rittenhouse pointed his rifle at Joshua Zeminski. 

The copy that was given to the defense had a significantly lower resolution, file size, and a completely different file name. 

The prosecutions copy was 1920×844 pixels and 11.2MB while the copy that was provided to Kyle’s defense team was a mere 480×212 pixels, and only 3.6MB. Upon viewing the two videos side by side the quality difference is immediately apparent. 

Not only are the files physically different, but James Kraus one of the lead prosecutors on this case admitted, in the court room that he knew the defense was given a lower quality video. 

“Our version is much clearer,” Kraus said as he presented the video before the Judge and the Rittenhouse defense team. 

This is an acknowledgment of intent seemingly accidentally stuttered out of the prosecutors mouth. 

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The lack of quality evidence prevented the defense from being able to disprove the idea that Kyle raised his weapon. The defense was viewing a completely different video. 


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