Twitter Labels Noem A Fascist Over Cannabis Laws

Left wing Twitter has exploded after South Dakota’s Supreme Court has ruled against recreational marijuana usage. 

Their hate has been specifically targeted at Governor Kristi Noem, who has resisted change in state law that would allow the drug to be used freely. 

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“Kristi Noem is a fascist mass murdering dingbat MAGA cultist who doesn’t want South Dakota to have legal cannabis even though a majority of citizens voted for it. Republicans make everything worse. Vote them all out,” one Twitter user said. 

The over use of the term “fascism” dilutes its meaning. Fascism is an incredibly oppressive political philosophy  with an emphasis on Authority and nationalization. 

The idea that failing to legalize marijuana is a form of fascism is a far fetched hyperbole meant to paint political leaders as evil by comparing them to one of the most oppressive systems of government to have ever existed. 

NPR reported, The South Dakota Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a lower court’s ruling that nullified a voter-passed amendment to the state constitution that would have legalized recreational marijuana use.

The action really wasn’t a result of action by Noem in the first place, rather it was a court decision. 

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“The USA singers” included a series of hashtags below their tweet: “#legalizeit, #voteblue, and #mountrushmore”.

However, voting blue does not seem to solve the problem of cannabis legalization. Joe Biden is currently President of the United States and yet marijuana is still federally illegal. 

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Many blue states have still not legalized the substance. On the other side of the fence, there are several Republicans who are accepting of legalization. 


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