Avenatti Lawyers Argue For a Reduced Sentence

Michael Avenatti, an attorney who represented adult film actress Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, was found guilty in February of 2020 for attempting to extort $25 million from Nike. 

The Daily Caller reported, “Michael Avenatti and his lawyers requested on Wednesday that his sentence be reduced to less than six months and argued the recent public shaming and scrutiny he’s received has been damaging enough.”

This however, is just another consequence of the reputation he built for himself and the crimes that he committed. 

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“Avenatti’s epic fall and public shaming have played out in front of the entire world. The Court may take judicial notice of this fact, as Avenatti’s cataclysmic fall has been well-documented. He is openly mocked by the former President of the United States and his preferred media outlets, to the glee of millions of the former President’s followers and supporters,” his lawyers argued, politicizing the case further. 

“He cannot go anywhere in public without inducing and subjecting himself to vitriolic comments and abuse. These circumstances alone would deter anyone in Avenatti’s shoes from engaging in similar conduct,” the attorney explained. 

Avenatti previously served 3 months of prison time before being released due to the COVID-19 pandemic in April of 2020. 

The Probation Department estimated that his sentence would be 11-14 months long. His lawyers are working to have it reduced to 6. 

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