NYC Allows ‘Cannabis Parade’ But Shuts Down Veterans

Last week, New York City gave the go ahead for ‘Cannabis Parade’, but are now denying permits necessary for Staten Islands 102nd annual Memorial Day veterans parade. 

That’s right, you can parade in New York for pot, but not for those who have fought in our nations military on the 30th anniversary of the Gulf War. 

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Fox News reported: “Following the same procedure they use every year in keeping with the city’s official rules, The United Staten Island Veterans Organization, which is the association of 16 local veteran groups that has sponsored the annual march for decades, filed a request for a parade permit with the New York City Police Department in February, The Post reported. About one week later, the department reportedly denied the request, citing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s emergency executive order restricting public events due to the coronavirus pandemic.” 

 A veterans organization in the city spoke of possible legal action against the city Monday on ‘Fox and Friends’. 

Brendan Lantry, an attorney for United Staten Island Veterans Organization Inc. said that Memorial Day is quickly approaching. He claimed that if a permit is not issued to the organization they will bring legal action to the Supreme Court. 

This is just yet another example of our countries governments mistreating veterans. They refuse to honor veterans while hiding behind the shield of coronavirus. At the same time democrats allow the legalization of marijuana to be. celebrated.


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