Democrats CAUGHT Violating COVID guidelines AGAIN

California’s Contra Costa County District Attorney, Diana Becton is just the most recent of California Democrats ignoring their own Covid guidelines.

Becton, tasked with enforcing state and local COVID guidelines decided that she was an exception to the rules over the summer, when she hosted a large wedding in her backyard. 

The District Attorney allegedly left notes for her neighbors making them aware that there would be 20-30 extra cars in the area. This information originates from the San Francisco Chronicle 

According to Becton, this was a “small event” however 20-30 cars is certainly a sizable gathering. Especially when considering that each car likely had more than one person inside.

This especially disturbing due to the fact that Becton herself had built a task force to crack down on violators of COVID rules last year.

Diana Becton is hardly the first Democrat to break guidelines they are responsible for creating or enforcing.  

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From Andrew Cuomo and Lori Lightfoot to Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom “laws for thee but not for me” seems to be the philosophy of the Democratic Party. 


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