13 States Sue The Biden Administration

Several lawsuits started a lawsuit against Joe Biden after he prevents tax cuts. 

Fox 13 reported: “Attorneys general from 13 states, including Florida sued President Joe Biden’s administration on Wednesday over a rule in the federal stimulus that bars states from using relief money to offset tax cuts.

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The filing in U.S. District Court in Alabama asks judges to strike down the provision in the wide-ranging relief act signed by Biden that prohibits states from using $195 billion of federal aid “to either directly or indirectly offset a reduction” in net tax revenue. The restriction could apply through 2024.”

The coalition of states is distressed, mindful that any tax cut may be considered a violation of this rule, and seen as an exploitation of relief funds. 

They believe that interpretation of the law, could be a detriment to lawful activity, and prevent tax cuts by means unrelated to stimulus. 

The coalition is made up of not only Republicans, but also Democrats. 

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claimed “Nothing in the Act prevents States from enacting a broad variety of tax cuts,” she said  “It simply provides that funding received under the Act may not be used to offset a reduction in net tax revenue resulting from certain changes in state law.”


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