Biden To Spend $86 million on Hotel Rooms For Illegals

The Biden administration refuses to address the United States border situation for what it is. A crisis. Instead of acting to prevent the influx of illegals, Biden has decided to shack the immigrants up in hotel rooms. 

Insider wrote:

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President Joe Biden’s administration has secured an $86 million contract for hotels to house migrants, Axios reported Saturday. The contract comes as the president struggles to address the surging numbers of families and kids trying to enter the US.

Nearly 1,200 people will be housed for six months. This comes out to around $71,600 per person. If this money is spent only on amenities for the immigrants, they will be living far better than most state college students. The contract comes from a Texas non-profit

This contract illustrates the Biden Administrations priorities: America last, and political well being first. 

This is a double down. The Biden administration cares not about illegals, and only about the facade that they do. Biden wants to be harsh on covid regulations while at the same time allowing illegals to poor in test free. 

The two philosophies cannot coincide and are counterproductive when executed simultaneously. 

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Tens of thousands of Americans veterans starve in the streets of our once great cities every single day, but the Biden administration has focused their efforts towards people who are not citizens of this country, let alone service members. 


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