Minnesota Official Criticize Police Tactics During Unrest

As unruly protests rage on in Minnesota in relation to the shooting of Daunte Wright, elected officials criticize the tactics used by law enforcement. 

We have seen this since last summer. Cities torn apart, lives ruined and buildings burned while democratically elected officials on the left stand back and refuse to take action. 

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“The tactics have not sat well with Brooklyn Center city officials, who passed a resolution Monday banning the city’s officers from using tear gas and other chemicals, chokeholds, and police lines to arrest demonstrators.

Mayor Mike Elliott, who is Black, said at a news conference Wednesday that “gassing is not a human way of policing” and he didn’t agree with police using pepper spray, tear gas and paintballs against demonstrators. Elliott didn’t respond to multiple messages from the Associated Press on Friday.”

Very quick to claim that gassing is not an ethical way of policing but reluctant to mention the ethicality of protesting in the area. No comment on bricks, soup cans, or water bottles being thrown at officers, no comment on vandalism or looting… 

Where does it stop? And if it’s going to stop, and tear gas isn’t an option then what is? Arrest everyone? 

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Protestors gather after curfew and blatantly resist police orders. The very thing that kicked off many of these incidents in the first place.

They get in the faces of officers and guardsmen who have nothing to do with the incidents and scream obscenities. 

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Elected officials in Minnesota want to stand back while it happens. 


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