Manhattan Average Rent Reaches Unprecedented High Of $5,000

It’s no secret that Americans are struggling under Democrat leadership. Inflation has reached record highs, while housing has also reached unprecedented heights. 

The average rental price for a living space in Manhattan has recently reached $5,000 according to the New York Post. 

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The Post reported, Specifically the study (a June market report compiled by Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel.) tallied an ever-age study Manhattan rent of $5,058 per month, which alone would set a city tenant back nearly $61,000 a year. That figure marks a 1.7% month-over-month climb from the $4,975 average rent recorded in May, as well as a 29% year-over-year spike from the $3,922 average found in June 2021.

It’s no surprise that New York City’s local leadership is controlled by Democrats, but the problem has only worsened as the federal government is almost completely controlled by the party. 

But housing is not the only price issue in the big apple. One Grocery chain told CBS that they had to raise prices again, specifically the price of eggs due to the “margin loss becoming critical”. 

Inflation in the United States currently rests at 40 years high, while many economists believe that the country is on the verge of a recession. 


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