Portnoy SHREDS Biden Comparing Him To Hitler

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Barstool Sports founder shredded President Joe Biden on Friday over his dystopian speech in front of the White House. 

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Many critics have begun creating viral memes of the President comparing him to Emperor Palpatine of the Star Wars franchise. 

The Daily Caller reported, Portnoy compared a viral photograph of Biden in front of blood red lights and his fists in the air to a Cold War-era dictator, Dwight Schrute from “The Office” and the book series, “The Hunger Games.”

Portnoy labeled his video “Emergency Press Conference – Anybody Who Doesn’t Think Biden Looked Like A Dictator Last Night Has A Demented Brain” on Twitter. 

He said, “All these images come out, and my God, the man looks like a Nazi Germany, with a dash of Cold War Soviet Union, with a dash of Dwight Schrute, with a dash of Hunger Games. Just like the biggest dictator looks and set ever – Surreal. It’s surreal. It’s actually like laugh-out-loud funny because you know how much money politicians, especially the president, spend on everything like staging, hair, makeup, and lighting. They come up with this, they come up with this set.” 

Democrats quickly went on the offensive calling the speech “optimistic” despite the President having largely targeted his opposition making them appear as nothing more than a threat. 

“And today we have democrats defending it” Portnoy exclaimed “they’re like ‘it wasn’t that bad if you’re focused on this. I just retweeted a guy who’s like ‘what the President has never spoken with the military behind him?’ With like a picture of George Bush in like the middle of the day with a navy – like – aircraft carrier”. 

Portnoy says that Bush looked great, but drew a stark comparison between Biden’s speech and Bush’s speech. 

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“And this is my point – if you can’t look at the photos and the imagery that came out from Biden last night and without a doubt, it was the worst staging in the history of American politics,” he said. “Our President, this man looked like f——n Hitler.” 

Portnoy clarified that he wasn’t saying Biden is Hitler, but rather the imagery he chose to use for his speech gave the feel of a Hitler speech. 

“If you’re a Democrat and you can’t admit how awful, and how bad, and how big of a misstep that was and almost laugh at it, then you have a demented brain.” 

Images of the speech were plastered all over social media Saturday and Sunday with critics comparing the President to a slew of fiction and non-fiction dictators.



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