NY Judge Rules Voting-by-mail due to COVID Fears is Unconstitutional

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This new ruling orders NY Election boards to stop counting absentee ballots early.

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The Democrat-controlled legislature “appears poised to continue the expanded absentee voting provisions of New York State Election Law … in an Orwellian perpetual state of health emergency and cloaked in the veneer of ‘voter enfranchisement,'” – Supreme Court Justice Dianne Freestone, a Republican

Ruling ordered election boards to stop counting absentee ballots they’ve already received and to preserve them until after Election Day or after a resolution of the lawsuit. The ruling does not invalidate ballots that have already been mailed.

“Let’s hope now that they preserve our ability to make sure that our elections are done with integrity and that voters are verified and that this system of absentee balloting – just like the voters said last November that they didn’t want no-excuse absentee voting, essentially mail-in voting – that it is held to a high standard, that way to ensure that each citizen gets one vote,” – New York state Rep. Robert Smullen

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