LA Protest Turns Violent 3 Officers Injured

On the anniversary of Breonna Taylors death, LA protestors took to streets. To not a single persons surprise the protestors turned violent. 

NBC 4 wrote: 

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“ Police Chief Michel Moore said Sunday that three officers were injured — none seriously — during clashes in Hollywood last night with demonstrators.

Nine businesses were vandalized and smoke grenades as well as other projectiles were thrown at police, the chief said. Moore initially said 11 people were arrested, but the Los Angeles Police Department later clarified that 10 people in total were arrested related to the violence.”

Out of 11 arrests made, 5 were assault with a deadly weapon. A tweet posted by police chief Michel More, contains a video that appears to depict a microwave being thrown at officers. Surely some damage to be done there. 

More than 200 protestors were present, demonstrators who have a history of vandalism, and violence. This event was a recipe for disaster from the beginning. 


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Igniting trash cans, assaulting officers, graffitiing walls, destroying police vehicles, it is increasingly frustrating that these protests are allowed to continue happening. 


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