NRA Bankruptcy Case Dismissed

The NRA is undoubtedly one of the oldest standing advocacy groups in America. The group has historically been based in New York, unfortunately, the state is now overrun with radical left-wingers willing to do whatever it takes to end the NRA. 

The company is keen on the idea of relocating to Texas. In fact, the organization filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to make that idea possible. 

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Governor Greg Abbott of Texas welcomes the organization with open arms. The courts however, denied the filing. It was determined that the NRA’s case does not fit the criteria required. 

The Daily Caller wrote: “Northern District of Texas Bankruptcy Court Judge Harlin Hale ruled that the National Rifle Association (NRA) doesn’t currently face an “existential threat” as outlined in U.S. bankruptcy law by remaining in New York, according to his ruling published on Tuesday afternoon.” 

The court found the case to have been filed in bad faith. The organizations CEO, Wayne LaPierre Reported that the NRA has over $50 million in net assets. 

The NRA is disappointed with the decision however, will continue with plans to benefit the future of the organization.


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