Biden Prepares To Tread On The Second Amendment

Thursday Biden announced in exactly what ways he would disregard the very second amendment of our Constitution.

One of the most absurd executive orders Biden plans to make, is one that directs the DOJ to publish within 60 days, a model for red flag legislation. The goal is to allow police officers or family members to petition a court to bar a citizen who may be a threat from accessing guns.

So now, in order to have your most fundamental rights infringed upon, you simply need an angry family member, or government agent to convince a court. This is an obvious violation of the Constitution. “shall not be infringed” concludes the second amendment, not “Shall be infringed”

Biden also charges the Justice Department to prepose a rule within the next 30 days that will stop the “proliferation of ghost guns”. Ghost guns are weapons assembled with kits that often are difficult to trace and lack serial numbers.

Next, he directed the DOJ to create a rule within 60 days that clarifies what constitutes a rifle, especially when it comes to pistoles with stabilizing arm braces, and allow them to be considered a short barrel rifle and subjugated to more regulation.

Finally Biden called upon Congress to end immunities given to gun manufacturers have from lawsuits regarding shootings with their firearms, as if they maintain any control over what is done with their weapons after they leave the factory.

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We allow Biden to make dictation as to who can obtain firearms, and yet his own son allegedly violated federal law and lied on a background check.

yahoo News reported:

Hunter Biden may have committed a felony offense by lying on a background check before purchasing a gun, Politico reported on Thursday.

Biden answered “no” in response to the question “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” as part of the background check. The check was administered on the Firearms Transaction Record Biden filled out in order to purchase a .38 revolver on October 12, 2018


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