More Guns In Texas Schools?

For a long time, gun control has meant government throttling the basic human right of self-defense – in Texas gun control is beginning to mean control for gun owners.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been on a signing spree to safeguard and improve the lives of people in one of the most effective manners possible – removing government micromanagement from the calculus of people’s lives.

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The sheer quantity of changes made to Texas state law in the last few days is manifold, though the quality, to those in favor of the liberty-oriented policy, is nearly as impressive. Among these numerous bills is the allowance of Texas residences to own handguns without licenses or training sessions, eliminate the requirement of a holster, and allow carriers of the firearm to while not on their private residence – as if such a thing was up for debate in the first place. This act is due to take effect on the 1st of September.

And while the new laws pertaining to border enforcement, abortion, and critical race theory are making waves far beyond the state itself, Abbott’s approval of measure SB741 would permit marshals to carry loaded handguns on the premises of schools. This, as opposed to the absence of guns on school grounds, makes for an effective deterrent to shooters. And while mass shootings (shooting incidents involving more than one victim) have risen in recent months alongside efforts to de-fund law-enforcement and covid lock-downs hemorrhaging many sectors of the economy, mass violence on school grounds has, thankfully, remained low as of late.

Critics of Governor Abbott are having a difficult time reconciling the success of Texas and its lenient governance contrasting the ailing and slow recovery of other states that continue to mandate harsh lock-down practices over a year after the initial outbreak and even after the availability of effective treatments. Texas will soon be host to President Trump as he visits the southern border with Governor Abbott amid a worsening migrant crisis. The president and governor’s stop at the US/Mexico border are scheduled for June 30th.


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