Biden will BAN GUNS – or at least try!

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Joe can be cited claiming, that “nobody needs a magazine, with 100 clips in it!” This should demonstrate just how limited his knowledge of firearms is. Yet he still plans to do whatever he can to restrict owners and keep “fully semi automatic” firearms of the streets.

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What does Biden plan to do? First of all, according to the Mises Joe supports a willful buyback program, and a $200 tax on all firearms and magazines for those who do not willingly surrender their weapons. The registration process would require 13 pages of paperwork, as well as fingerprinting and a photo of yourself.

Violation could land you in behind bars for up to ten years in federal prison as well as a $10,000 fine.

On his campaign website he has also supported the banning of online firearm sales.

This seems futile. Despite what you may believe, firearms when sold online do not show up on your doorstep the next day like an amazon package.

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The firearm is sold online and then delivered to a registered firearms dealer nearby, Then the process is just as if you were to buy it from that dealer. Background checks and all the rest. This simply offers more variety to shoppers. Perhaps you wanted something and Walmart didn’t have it. You order it online, for a larger selection. It’s the same idea with guns.

Biden plans to “get weapons of war off the street” but the fact is AR-15’s are not weapons of war, and do not account for the overwhelming majority of gun violence. Handguns take that spot.

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In fact, throughout the last decade, Knives and other cutting instruments have consistently accounted for roughly 5x more violent crime than rifles including AR-15’s.

It’s clear that Joe Biden’s outlook on firearms and the constitution in this country is distorted and warped. His viewpoints are not based on concrete fact or supported. by reality.


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