Two-thirds of Republican Voters Still Support Trump despite Arrest & Investigations

The More the Media Tries Tarnish Trump’s Name the Stronger he Becomes


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Former President Donald Trump continues to demonstrate his influence on the Republican Party despite the challenges posed by this month’s New York City indictment and other ongoing investigations. A new poll reveals that over two-thirds of GOP voters stand firmly in support of Donald Trump. Patriotic Americans refuse to let these politically motivated attacks diminish their commitment to a strong, unapologetic conservative leader.

The NBC News poll, conducted from April 14 through 18, showed that 68 percent of Republican voters view these investigations as a thinly veiled attempt to thwart Trump’s political influence. These supporters express unwavering conviction, stating that ‘no other candidate is like him, we must support him.’ They recognize the crucial role that Trump plays as a political force and defender of conservative values.


A decidedly smaller percentage of Republicans, 26 percent, believe that it’s more important to nominate a candidate who won’t be distracted by these investigations, focusing solely on defeating Joe Biden in the next election. Clearly, the Trump base has grown wary of attempts to compromise the former president’s influence and undermine his accomplishments.

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When offered a hypothetical GOP primary ballot today, 46 percent of Republican voters would choose Trump outright. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis follows as a distant second, with 31 percent of voters expressing support for him. It is evident that Trump remains a powerful figure in the Republican Party, even amidst ongoing investigations.

Interestingly, former Vice President Mike Pence trails significantly with just 6 percent of Republican voter support. Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador; Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina; and Asa Hutchinson, former Arkansas Governor, each received only 3 percent support. This speaks to the enduring strength of Trump’s base and their loyalty to the former president.


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Turning to the current president, the poll uncovered an alarming statistic for Joe Biden’s administration. A mere one in four American voters, or 25 percent, support Biden’s re-election bid. In contrast, a staggering 70 percent indicated that he should not run again for the highest office in the land.

The reasons behind the opposition to Biden’s re-election are also revealing. A significant 48 percent of respondents pointed to his age – Biden would be 80 years old during his second term – as a major factor in their decision. It seems that many Americans are concerned about his ability to effectively govern at such an advanced age.

In addition, 21 percent cited his age as a minor reason for their opposition, while another 21 percent did not consider it a factor at all. These concerns regarding Biden’s age and possible incapacity to lead emphasize the importance of a strong, resilient leader like Trump at the helm.


With these figures in mind, it’s essential to explore the broader implications of the poll’s findings. Clearly, Trump’s support among conservative voters remains unwavering and resilient, even in the face of legal challenges and politically motivated investigations.

This dedication among GOP voters showcases the strength of Trump’s base, who view him as a unique, indispensable figure in the fight for conservative principles. It is also indicative of Americans’ well-founded concerns and dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s efforts.

The NBC News poll sampled 1,000 adults and carries a margin of error of 3 percentage points, indicating that the results are a representative snapshot of the current public opinion landscape. Additionally, the poll involved 292 Republican primary voters, carrying a slightly larger margin of error of 6 percentage points.


In conclusion, the findings of this recent poll demonstrate the continued influence and power of former President Donald Trump within Republican circles. The unwavering support of his base, coupled with increasing dissatisfaction with the current administration, makes it clear that Trump’s ongoing involvement in politics is more important than ever for the conservative movement.


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