Bill Maher Supports DeSantis?

Liberal Bill Maher host of “Real-Time” was talking up Ron DeSantis during a recent panel. The notion was floated that DeSantis would be just as “bad” as Donald Trump if he were to become President. Maher quickly shut this idea down. 

The panel discussed whether or not Pfirner President Donald Trump had committed a crime, and whether or not prosecuting him for a crime would be a good or bad idea. 

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Fox News reported, that Tablet Magazine columnist James Kirchick called Trump a “menace” who “may have committed crimes” but cautioned the prosecution of a former president, citing how former President Gerald Ford “did the right thing” by pardoning Richard Nixon after Watergate.

Others had no issue with Trump being prosecuted, “Breaking Points” podcast host Krystal Ball suggested that Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis would behave exactly as Trump did were he to assume the Oval Office in 2024. 

“He’s not certifiably insane. That’s a great one to start off with, you know what Ron DeSantis won’t be doing? He won’t be poop-tweeting every day. It won’t be, like, having feuds with Bette Midler on Twitter. He’s not an insane person.” Maher said trashing Trump while defending Republican Ron DeSantis. 

Maher also pushed back on the idea that former presidents should not be prosecuted “We have to be scared of what the criminals will do if we charged them for being criminals? That can’t — that’s not really the way to go.”

Former Presidents should be no more immune to the prosecution than anyone else, so long as there is legitimate grounds for a trial. In Trump’s case, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that the President committed any crimes. 

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As CNN legal analysts have pointed out, nobody should be convicted or branded of a crime simply because a politician accuses them. Such a system would be totalitarian and fascist in nature. 


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