Biden Addresses The Nation: Shifts Blame To Trump In Half-Witted Defense

Monday, Joe Biden addressed the nation amid the utter chaos unfolding in Afghanistan following his withdrawal of troops. 

In Biden’s address, he claimed that he followed through on Trumps peace agreement. This statement is patently false.

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Under Trumps peace deal:

  • The Taliban would be able to participate in a shared Afghan government 
  • America would withdrawal 5,000 troops over the course of 135 days
  • 5,000 Taliban prisoners would be exchanged for 1,000 Afghan Security force prisoners.
  • The Taliban would participate in a permanent ceasefire, would work to preserve the rights of women and minorities, and disband all militias. 
  • The U.S. would be allowed to station some anti terrorist units, and the CIA would be able to gather intelligence in the region. 
  • U.S. state of the art military equipment would be cleaned up and moved from the area, as to not fall into the hands of terrorists. 

The deal, was called by many “the best chance to end conflict.” 

Joe Biden scrapped the deal, and instead hastily, and sloppily withdrew troops from Afghanistan.

17,073 pieces of military equipment including MRAP’s, scan eagle drones, helicopters, Humvee’s, weapons and ammunition were left behind, ripe for the taking. 

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The Taliban seized the equipment and used it to take over the country. 

Instead of a peaceful shared government, there was a complete military take over. 

This was able to happen because forced were gone, and peace deals were forgotten about. 

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