Hispanic Voter Prefer DeSantis; according to New Poll

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New Poll shows that most Democrats approved of how DeSantis handled the recovery from Hurricane Ian.

A new poll also shows that Hispanic voters in Florida prefer Ron DeSantis over Democrat challenger Charlie Crist, this poll includes registered Democrats.

Telemundo/ LX News poll surveyed registered Hispanic Voters. 51% said they would vote for DeSantis compared to 44% for Crist, 1% for other and 4% undecided. Survey is from Oct 17-20th.

Of those in the survey that are registered Democrats, 6% said they would vote for DeSantis vs just 1% of Republicans said they would vote for Crist.

Of independents 56% favored DeSantis with only 34% for Crist.

The poll showed Hispanic origin, with Cuban-Americans supporting DeSantis at a rate of 72% vs 22% for Crist.  Of Puerto Rican voters, 59% supported Crist with 37% for DeSantis. Of Hispanics that are neither Cuban nor Puerto Rican, Crist led DeSantis 53% to 43%.

In this poll, when asked if they support his handling over Hurricane Ian recovery; 54% Democrats approve, 94% Republicans approve and 72% independents approve.

Overall 19% of Democrats approve of DeSantis’s job performance overall, 89% Republicans and 62% independents also approve.

It will be a surprise if DeSantis loses this election.