DeSantis Takes Hardline Stance on Immigration in Presidential Race

Biden’s Immigration Policies Draw Criticism from Conservative Leadership


As the race for the next U.S. presidential election heats up, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has formally announced his candidacy to the public. DeSantis’s announcement on a publicly accessible conference call received a lot of media attention for technical difficulties that disrupted the formal launch. Despite the technical issues and the media’s questionable coverage, this announcement underscores a central tenet of his campaign: tackling the pressing issue of the ongoing migration crisis on America’s southern border. With a bidding war likely to break out to see who can take the toughest stance on U.S. asylum and refugee policy, DeSantis’s strategy on immigration promises to be a key feature of his campaign.

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During the announcement, Desantis highlighted his stance on immigration, explaining his approach to tackling it. He stated that he would “shut the border down,” emphasizing that the majority of the asylum applicants were economic migrants and that he would take a no-nonsense approach to questioning those seeking asylum. While appearing relatively staid on immigration during his speech, the Republican governor has consistently taken a hardline approach to the issue in the past, positioning himself as an opponent of President Biden.

The COVID-19 pandemic allowed former President Trump to implement Title 42, which facilitated the expulsion of asylum seekers from the U.S. territory. However, these measures did not have any significant, long-lasting impact on the migration patterns of those seeking refuge in America. The change in administration, with the election of President Joe Biden, promised a departure from Trump’s controversial immigration stance. Biden has focused on addressing root causes, such as corruption, violence, and socioeconomic inequality in the countries of origin, rather than relying on policy measures to address the problem. Despite Biden’s stated intention to reverse Trump’s previous policies, he admits that there is much work that needs to be done.

The current administration’s foreign policies have been somewhat underwhelming in terms of achieving their goals on immigration. This fact is in part due to legal challenges that have delayed or curtailed the suspension of Title 42. Additionally, tackling the core issues that generate the desire to migrate is difficult and requires engaging with corrupt governments and powerful elites who make the problem worse.

Now, with the emergency phase of the COVID-19 pandemic subsiding, there has been another spike in the number of people attempting to enter the United States through the southern border. Some countries that previously did not have significant numbers of migrants seeking to enter America now appear to be producing significant flows of migrants. Should this trend continue, and more people seek to enter the United States via the southern border, then the immigration issue will play an important role in the upcoming presidential race.

DeSantis came to his announcement on the back of his hardline stance on reducing migration numbers entering the country through the southern border. This strategy represents a significant shift from those of previous administrations and may have the effect of driving Democrats to change their approach to capturing the conservatives’ vote. However, President Biden’s legal challenges and focus on root causes have drawn criticism from the Republicans.

Republican strategists have criticized President Biden’s approach to immigration. They argue that he has not done enough to stop the flow of those seeking to enter the country regularly. Biden’s foreign policy initiatives have been met with skepticism and criticism from Republican leadership on issues ranging from foreign aid to the integration of domestic policy. Indeed, many conservative analysts feel that Biden’s policies may exacerbate the immigration problem, not resolve it.

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Many on the conservative side of politics argue that Republicans need to go beyond the hardline approach of previous administrations to resolve the issue. They advocate for an immigration policy that is humane and fair but also discourages people from attempting to enter the US illegally. The current situation of porous borders and an open-door policy is untenable, say some conservative thinkers, and there needs to be a more comprehensive response.

A key issue for the conservative voter is maintaining law and order. Many conservatives feel that President Biden’s approach to immigration contributes to a perception of disorder, with regular reports of clashes at the border and illegal immigration taking place. This sentiment feeds into the broader ongoing debate about social cohesion in the country and the place of immigrants within the American community.

Understandably, many people are concerned about illegal immigration and its impact on their daily lives. The essence of the fears associated with immigration are that large swathes of new immigrants will not assimilate to mainstream American culture and will instead create segregated, self-contained communities. This fear is often not expressed in practical terms but takes the form of a nebulous anxiety. It is up to the politicians to allay these concerns and reassure voters.

There is a sense among some conservatives that open borders, or even lax immigration laws, will harm those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The thinking is that those at the lower rungs of the economic ladder will be most affected by new immigrants entering the US illegally. Conservatives argue that Democrats are not serious about protecting the interests of working-class Americans and that they need to take a more hands-on approach to illegal immigration.

The emergency measures put in place by the previous government failed to arrest the inflow of asylum seekers. Additionally, the Biden administration has had difficulty suspending these policies and has not done enough to address the root causes of the migration crisis in the countries of origin. DeSantis’s announcement that he is running in the Republican primaries is significant not only because it represents a shift in position from previous administrations but also because it signals that immigration is likely to feature prominently in next year’s election.

DeSantis and other Republican contenders for the presidency will be focusing on signaling to conservative voters that they are serious about tackling the immigration issue. Some of the strategies that have been mooted include increased spending on border security measures, such as electronic surveillance and military hardware.

The immigration issue is reflective of a broader debate in American society around diversity and inclusivity. While conservatives generally support the notion of legal immigration, they are concerned about the impact of unregulated entry and population increase on indigenous and working-class American communities. Liberals, on the other hand, tend to focus on embracing diversity and encouraging a melting-pot style of integration. Moderates seek to strike a balance between inclusivity and securing the interests of those who are already living in the United States.

DeSantis’s candidacy announcement highlights the centrality of the immigration issue in next year’s campaign. This issue evokes strong emotions from voters on both sides of the political spectrum. While DeSantis’s hardline stance on immigration may appeal to conservative voters, it remains to be seen whether his campaign can successfully appeal to moderate and independent voters. The Republican Party is in a unique position to capitalize on the immigration issue and to appeal to working-class Americans.

In conclusion, the immigration issue has been at the forefront of both the Republican and Democratic agendas for several years and will continue to feature in the upcoming election. DeSantis’s announcement on his candidacy for president and his hardline approach to immigration strategy is indicative of how central this issue is to the conservative voter. It is necessary for the Biden administration to take decisive action on this issue while navigating a diverse range of opinions on immigration policy.


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