WATCH: Christie Criticizes DeSantis for ‘Unconservative’ Feud with Disney

Ex-Governor Christie Calls Out DeSantis’s Treatment of Disney


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Ex-Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey had some harsh words for Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, stating he isn’t acting like a true ‘conservative’ amidst a feud with the Walt Disney Company. Christie shared this perspective during a recent interview, arguing that DeSantis is misusing government power to strong-arm corporations like Disney.

This disagreement between DeSantis and Disney has been ongoing for over a year, instigated by Disney’s opposition to the governor’s controversial education reform bill. ‘As a conservative, I believe that the main role of the government should be to keep out of the sphere of businesses,’ Christie said, questioning DeSantis’s conservative credentials based on his treatment of Disney.


He continued, asking, ‘If we reach a point where expressing dissent in this nation allows the government to penalize you, what does that say about us? I always assumed that such behavior was reserved for liberals. But now, we have a Republican governor engaging in the same tactics.’

Governor Ron DeSantis has been in a sharp dispute with Disney for quite some time, and even threatened to revoke certain privileges the company enjoys within Florida. Currently, he is locked in a tussle to gain developmental control over the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the land surrounding Disney World.

Disney managed to thwart DeSantis’s attempts to take control of the region earlier this year by entering a development agreement. However, the governor remains adamant about reversing the situation. Despite DeSantis’s persistence, Christie sees the Florida governor as having been outmaneuvered.

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Christie stated, ‘If this is not the person I would want negotiating our next deal with China’s President Xi or addressing the Ukraine crisis with Putin, then who is? It’s concerning if DeSantis cannot anticipate a strategic move made by someone like Bob Iger.’ DeSantis’s office has yet to comment on Christie’s remarks.


DeSantis maintains that Disney illegitimately ‘usurped’ authority over the Reedy Creek Improvement District. To regain control of the area, DeSantis announced on Monday that Florida’s state legislature is in the process of drafting legislation.







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