Winner Of The Bachelor Cancelled For Watching PragerU and College Party

Cancel culture and the leftist mob has come for ABC’s The Bachelor. This season’s Bachelor, Matt James, dumped his new partner, Rachael Kirkconnell, over her alleged ‘racist past’.

Matt James was the first black Bachelor in the show’s history. Fans displayed their dissatisfaction when James did not choose a black woman as his partner. 

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Rachael was hit with a slew of accusations. Among them were ‘cultural appropriation’, ‘attending a racist party’, ‘supporting the police’, and worst of all, ‘watching racist media’. 

As far as media goes, Rachael was discovered to be a supporter of the notoriously conservative and allegedly ‘racist’ think tank, Prager University. 

As a social media brand that is made up of credible professors, political pundits, and journalists, members speak on issues we face as Americans. Spoiler alert: Prager University is not racist. 

Rachael was accused of being a proponent to cultural appropriation due to the fact that she liked images on Instagram of white women in ponchos, mustaches, and sombreros.  

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The so called ‘racist party’ may be the most absurd of all. She attended an Antebellum-themed gathering while in college. ‘Antebellum’ simply refers to a period of American history prior to the civil war. The attendees dressed up in 19th century-era outfits and had a party. 

This was the best case the leftist mob had against Rachael, and they won. Matt James, her boyfriend and the Bachelor at the time, went from defending his girlfriend to dumping her. He now claims that Rachael, the host, and the show are all racist. 

The Host, Chris Harrison, was forced to step down from his 20 year position after defending the young woman and asking critics to go easy on her. 

He gave a grovelling apology, as did she, when no apology was due in the first place. 

The leftist mob bends innocent people to their will, making examples out of anyone who dares to defy the ever changing standard of society that they impose. 


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