Highland Shooter Was Cross-Dressed During The Attack

New information reveals that the Highland Park mass shooter was dressed as a woman when he opened fire on a 4th of July parade. 

Shortly after the Highland Park Fourth of July parade began Monday, a 22-year-old shot into the crowd from a nearby rooftop, killing six people and injuring 31.

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The shooter was identified as Robert E. “Bobby” Crimo III and was pulled over by police after a brief pursuit. According to NBC Crimo was fully cross-dressed to “avoid detection” despite shooting from a rooftop. It was also revealed that he had planned the massacre weeks prior. 

Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesperson Chris Covelli told NBC that “During the attack, Crimo was dressed in women’s clothing and investigators do believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos and his identity and help him during the escape.” 

Crimo donned long hair, a blouse, an American flag bandana, a pair of black pants, and gloves. It’s unclear at this time of the hair was his natural hair or a wig. 

After the shooting, Crimo walked out of the Chaos, and returned to his mother’s home before driving out of the wealthy Chicago suburb. 

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