North Korea Boasts ‘Military Invincibility’ Ahead Of Anniversary

Ahead of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, the North Korean state-owned media has boasted that their military bears an “invincible power”. 

Just last month North Korea had conducted several tests on ballistic missiles, strengthening their nuclear capabilities. The state media organization (KCNA) boasted that their totalitarian ruler possesses  an “invincible power that the world cannot ignore and no one can touch.” 

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Oddly enough, the North Korean military still uses a rifle first used in 1958 as their standard issue. The Type 58 is an assault rifle manufactured in North Korea taking inspiration from the Soviet AK-47. It’s also worth noting that videos of military marches in North Korea show many soldiers wielding the Mosin-Nagant rifle. A Soviet weapon was used during World War 2. The rifle is so militarily out of date that it’s used by many Americans as a hunting rifle. 

The American military on the other hand uses the M4A1 carbine, which is a fully automatic assault rifle first manufactured in 1991, and then improved upon in 1994. America also has far greater nuclear capabilities. To call North Korea an “invincible” military power is quite the stretch. 

The praise didn’t stop there. The media praised the rocket man as a “genius” with unmatched bravado. The Kim was also praised for his military tactics. 

As the regime continues missile testing and strengthening its military power the western world continues to condemn them. 

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Joe Biden’s administration released a statement on the topic to Fox News. “”The United States strongly condemns the DPRK for these tests – These launches are a brazen violation of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions, aimlessly raise tensions, and risk destabilizing the security situation in the region.”


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